Assistant Researcher/Engineer
  • Yangyang Zhao

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Yangyang Zhao,got a doctor's degree in engineering from UCAS in 2020. And she was employed by Advanced Computer System research center of ICT in the same year.

Research area:

System Security,Open-Source CPU,Memory Control and Acceleration

Selected papers:

1) Yangyang Zhao, Mingyu Chen, Yuhang Liu, Zonghao Yang, Xiaojing Zhu, Zonghui Hong, and Yunge Guo. IMPULP: A Hardware Approach for In-process Memory Protection via User-Level Partitioning. Journal of Computer Science and Technology (JCST 2020)

2) Yangyang Zhao, Yuhang Liu, Wei Li, Mingyu Chen. HCMA: Supporting High Concurrency of Memory Accesses with Scratchpad Memory in FPGAs. In 14th International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS 2019)

3) Wei Li, Yangyang Zhao, Yuhang Liu, Mingyu Chen. SMEFF: A Scalable Memory Extension Fabric for FPGA. International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT 2017) 

4) 赵阳洋, 陈明宇, 金旭, 阮元, 张雪琳. 基于标准DDR总线的内存扩展芯片的设计与实现. (高技术通讯 2020)

5) 赵阳洋, 陈明宇, 朱晓静, 洪宗会, 郭云格. 一种基于用户级页表的进程内数据隔离保护方法和系统. 授权公告号CN109840410B. 发明专利

6) 赵阳洋, 张雪琳, 阮元, 陈明宇. 一种支持复杂访存指令的内存扩展方法和系统. 授权公告号CN107391400B. 发明专利