Associate Researcher/Senior Engineer
  • Sa Wang

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Sa Wang received his Ph.D. degree in 2016 in Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He joined ACS, ICT in 2016, and was hired as an associate professor in 2019. He was awarded 100-Academic-Stars Program in ICT in 2017 and Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019.

Research area:

His research direction contains cloud computing, operating systems, distributed systems, system modeling, and performance analysis.

Selected papers:

 1)Sa Wang, Yan-Hai Zhu, Shan-Pei Chen, Tian-Ze Wu, Wen-Jie Li, Xu-Sheng Zhan, Hai-Yang Ding, Wei-Song Shi, Yun-Gang Bao. A Case for Adaptive Resource Management in Alibaba Datacenter Using Neural Networks. JCST, 2020.

 2)Sa Wang, Yiwen Shao Yungang Bao. Practices of backuping homomorphically encrypted databases. Front. Comput. Sci.. 2019, 13 (2): 220-230

3)Guodong Liu, Sa Wang, Yungang Bao. SEER: A Time Prediction Model for CNNs from GPU Kernel’s View. PACT, 2021

4)Jing Guo, Zihao Chang, Sa Wang, Haiyang Ding, Yihui Feng, Liang Mao, Yungang Bao, Who Limits the Resource Efficiency of My Datacenter: An Analysis of Alibaba Datacenter Traces.IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQoS), 2019.

 5)Siyuan Sheng, Qun Huang, Sa Wang, Yungang Bao. PR-Sketch: Monitoring Per-key Aggregation of Streaming Data with Nearly Full Accuracy. VLDB, 2021.