Associate Researcher/Senior Engineer
  • Lei Wang

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Lei Wang joined the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999. He received the Ph.D. degree from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016. He is currently an associate professor at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  He has won the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005. He is deputy secretary-general of the Special Committee on Computing Benchmarks of Chinese Society for Measurement, and the member of the BenchCouncil Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee.

Research area:

Open source chip design methodologies and tools based on observation-reference-fusion-feedback loop, system software in datacenter

Selected papers:

1) Lei Wang, Jianfeng Zhan, Chunjie Luo, Yuqing Zhu, Qiang Yang, Yongq- iang He, Wanling Gao,Zhen Jia, Yingjie Shi, Shujie Zhang, Chen Zheng, Gang Lu, Kent Zhan, Xiaona Li, Bizhu Qiu. BigDataBench: A big data benchmark suite from internet services, 2014 IEEE 20th International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA)

2) Lei Wang, Jianfeng Zhan, Weisong Shi, Yi Liang. In cloud, can scientific communities benefit from the economies of scale? IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2012, 23(2): 296-303

3) Lei Wang, Xingwang Xiong, Jianfeng Zhan, Wanling Gao, Xu Wen, Guoxin Kang, Fei Tang. WPC: Whole-Picture Workload Characterization Across Intermediate Representation, ISA, and Microarchitecture. IEEE Computer Architecture Letters,2021,20(2): 86 - 89

4) Jianfeng Zhan, Lei Wang, Xiaona Li, Weisong Shi, Chuliang Weng, Wenyao Zhang, Xiutao Zang. Cost-aware Cooperative Resource Provisioning for Heterogeneous Workloads in Data Centers, IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2012, 62(11): 2155-2168.

5) Zhen Jia, Lei Wang, Jianfeng Zhan, Lixin Zhang, Chunjie Luo. C haracterizing data analysis workloads in data centers. 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC). IEEE, 2013.