Associate Researcher/Senior Engineer
  • Yisong Chang

  • E-mail:


Yisong Chang joined the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013 and was promoted to senior engineer in 2019. Dr. Chang received his BS, MS and PhD degrees respectively from the Tianjin University, School of Computer Science and Technology in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Research area:

Dr. Chang is research area is computer architecture. He focuses on RISC-V open source processor chip FPGA system-level prototype platform design, FPGA acceleration-based processor logic verification and performance evaluation tools, and building an chip development cloud platform (named SERVE) for agile processor development. Based on the self-developed FPGA platform and tools, he also works on the architecture optimization for data center application acceleration and system security.

Selected papers:

[1] 包云岗,常轶松,韩银和,黄立波,李华伟,梁云,罗国杰,尚笠,唐丹,王颖,解壁伟,喻文健,张科,孙凝晖. 处理器芯片敏捷设计方法:问题与挑战. 计算机研究与发展,58(6):1131-1145,2021.

[2] Yisong Chang, Ke Zhang, Sally A. McKee, Lixin Zhang, Mingyu Chen, Liqiang Ren, and Zhiwei Xu. Extending On-Chip Interconnects for Rack-Level Remote Resource Access. In IEEE ICCD 2016, Oct. 2016.

[3] Ke Zhang, Yisong Chang(联合一作), Mingyu Chen, Yungang Bao, and Zhiwei Xu. ACM SIGCSE 2019,Feb. 2019.

[4] Ke Zhang, Yisong Chang, Mingyu Chen, Yungang Bao, and Zhiwei Xu. Engaging Heterogeneous FPGAs in the Cloud (Abstract Only). ACM/SIGDA FPGA 2019, Feb. 2019.

[5] Hang Lu, Yisong Chang, Guihai Yan, Ning Lin, Xin Wei, and Xiaowei Li. Effective Power Adaptation for the Communication Infrastructure of Many-Core Processors. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD) , 38(8): 1438-1451. 2019.