• Yungang Bao

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Yungang Bao, Deputy Director and Professor of the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Deputy Dean of the School of Computer Science, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Secretary General of China Open Command Ecology (RISC-V) Alliance; Member of the Council of RISC-V International Foundation; Deputy Director of the CCF Open Source Development Committee.

Research area:

His research direction is computer architecture, including chip agile development and data center architecture. He launched many technique projects, such as hybrid memory trace toolkit HMTT, the Princeton application repository for shared-memory computers PARSEC 3.0, labeled von Neumann architecture LvNA, and etc. Related techniques are applied in many enterprises, such as Huawei, Alibaba, Intel, Microsoft, etc. Recently, his group have proposed and prototyped a series of open-source projects, including open-source high-performance RISC-V processor Xiangshan and One Student One Chip Initiative. His group has become one of the main international research teams in the field of open-source processers. He has published more than 70 papers in the international conferences and journals, such as ASPLOS, CACM, HPCA, ISCA, SIGCOMM and NSDI. He has won the "CCF-IEEE CS" Young Scientist Award, the "Most Outstanding Science and Technology Worker" award, and the “National Upward and Kind-hearted Youth” award.

Selected papers:

1. Zhiyuan Yan, Biwei Xie, Xingquan Li, Yungang Bao. Exploiting Architecture Advances for Sparse Solvers in Circuit Simulation. DATE 2022: 837-842

2. Yuhang Liu, Xian-He Sun, Yang Wang, Yungang Bao. HCDA: from computational thinking to a generalized thinking paradigm. Commun. ACM 64(5): 66-75 (2021)

3. Xiaopeng Gao, Yu Chen, Yungang Bao.Teaching undergraduates to build real computer systems. Commun. ACM 64(11): 48-49 (2021)

4. Siyuan Sheng, Qun Huang, Sa Wang, Yungang Bao. PR-Sketch: Monitoring Per-key Aggregation of Streaming Data with Nearly Full Accuracy. Proc. VLDB Endow. 14(10): 1783-1796 (2021)

5. Guodong Liu, Sa Wang, Yungang Bao. SEER: A Time Prediction Model for CNNs from GPU Kernel's View. PACT 2021: 173-185

6. Yaoyang Zhou, Zihao Yu, Chuanqi Zhang, Yinan Xu, Huizhe Wang, Sa Wang, Ninghui Sun, Yungang Bao. Omegaflow: a high-performance dependency-based architecture. ICS 2021: 152-163

7. Qun Huang, Siyuan Sheng, Xiang Chen, Yungang Bao, Rui Zhang, Yanwei Xu, Gong Zhang. Toward Nearly-Zero-Error Sketching via Compressive Sensing. NSDI 2021: 1027-1044

8. Xin Jin, Yaoyang Zhou, Bowen Huang, Zihao Yu, Xusheng Zhan, Huizhe Wang, Sa Wang, Ningmei Yu, Ninghui Sun, Yungang Bao. QoSMT: Supporting Precise Performance Control for Simultaneous multithreading Architecture . to appear in ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS), 2019. 

9. Ke Zhang, Yisong Chang, Mingyu Chen, Yungang Bao, Zhiwei Xu. Computer Organization and Design Course with FPGA Cloud . in the SIGCSE Technical Symposium (SIGCSE), 2019. 

10. Qun Huang, Patric P. C. Lee, Yungang Bao. SketchLearn: Relieving User Burdens in Approximate Measurement with Automated Statistical Inference. Annual Conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM), 2018.