• Mingyu Chen

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Mingyu Chen,got a doctor's degree in engineering from ICT in 2000. And he was employed by National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems (NCIC) in 1997. He was a professor since 2005 and a PhD supervisor since 2008. In 2011, he was appointed as the director of architecture laboratory of ACS. From 2016, professor Chen became the convenor of Operating System undergraduate course of UCAS. 

Research area:

Memory Architecture (instructions, cache, prefetching, memory pool);

Hardware Security method of processor;

Hardware/Software optimization on network protocol of data center

Selected papers:

1) Yang-Yang Zhao, Ming-Yu Chen, Yu-Hang Liu, Zong-Hao Yang, Xiao-Jing Zhu, Zong-Hui Hong, Yun-Ge Guo. “IMPULP: A Hardware Approach for In-Process Memory Protection via User-Level Partitioning”. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2020, 35(2): 418-432.

2)Wenli Zhang,Ke Liu,Yifan Shen,Yazhu Lan,Hui Song,Mingyu Chen, “Labeled Network Stack: A high-concurrency and low-tail latency cloud server framework for massive IoT devices.”, Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2020, 35(1): 179–193.

3)Zehan Cui, Tianyue Lu,Sally A. McKee,Mingyu Chen, Haiyang Pan,Yuan Ruan,”Twin-Load: Bridging the Gap between Conventional Direct-Attached and Buffer-on-Board Memory Systems”,The International Sysmposium on Memory Systems(MemSYS), Oct. 2016,Washington DC, USA.

4)LiCheng Chen, MingYu Chen, Yuan Ruan, YongBing Huang, ZeHan Cui, TianYue Lu, YunGang Bao. “MIMS:Towards a Message Interface Based Memory System”,Journal of Computer Science and Technology(JCST) , 2014,V29(2): 255-272

5)Jiajia Li, Guangming Tan, Mingyu Chen, Ninghui Sun: “SMAT: an input adaptive  auto-tuner for sparse matrix-vector multiplication.”, ACM PLDI ,June 17, 2013,Seattle, Washington, USA,117-126

6)Lei Liu, Zehan Cui, Mingjie Xing, Yungang Bao, Mingyu Chen, Chengyong Wu: A software memory partition approach for eliminating bank-level interference in multicore systems., PACT 2012,PP 367-376 , Minneapolis, MN, USA,September 19-23, 2012

7)Erlin Yao, Rui Wang, Mingyu Chen, Guangming Tan, Ninghui Sun,A Case Study of Designing Efficient Algorithm-based Fault Tolerant Application for Exascale Parallelism. IEEE IPDPS, ShangHai, China, May 22-24, 2012.

8)Qingbo Yuan, Jianbo Zhao, Mingyu Chen, Ninghui Sun, GenerOS: An Asymmetric Operating System Kernel for Multi-core Systems,IEEE  IPDPS, Atlanta, USA,April 2010

9)Dan Tang, Yungang Bao, Weiwu Hu, Mingyu Chen, “DMA Cache: Using On-Chip Storage to Architecturally Separate I/O Data from CPU Data for Improving I/O Performance”, IEEE HPCA-16, Jan 2010

10)Jianwei Xu, Mingyu Chen, Gui Zheng, Zheng Cao, Huiwei lv, Ninghui Sun,“SimK: a Parallel Simulation Engine towards Shared-memory Mulitprocessor”, Journal of Computer Science and Technology 24(6):2009.11,p1048-1060

11)Yungang Bao, Mingyu Chen,Yuan Ruan, Li Liu, Qingbo Yuan, Bo Song, Jianwei Xu, Jianping Fan, “HMTT: A Platform Independent Full-System Memory Trace Monitoring System, ACM SIGMETRICS 2008, Annapolis, MD,USA, June 2-6, 2008.

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