• Ke Zhang

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Ke Zhang, Ph.D., professor and master tutor of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT of CAS), associate professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), senior member of CCF, member of CCF Computer Engineering and Techniques Committee, member of CCF Task Force on Integrated Circuit Design, chapter officers of ACM SIGCSE China. In 2011, Dr. Zhang received Ph.D. degree from ICT. In recent years, he mainly engaged in high-performance computer architecture research, hardware engineering implementation, and teaching of “Computer Organization and Design (COD)” course, etc.

Honor Award:

1) UCAS COD course taught by Dr. Zhang was designated as the first batch of national-level offline first-class undergraduate courses recognized by Ministry of Education of China, high-quality undergraduate courses in Beijing colleges and universities, and outstanding undergraduate courses at UCAS. The courseware for COD laboratory course was selected as a high-quality undergraduate textbook courseware in Beijing colleges and universities.

2) Dr. Zhang was designated as the Beijing Famous Teacher for Municipal Ideological and Political Teaching, the Outstanding Professional Course Lecturer in Beijing Universities, the 24th "Beijing Outstanding Young Engineer" of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, "Excellent Star" of ICT, and "Leading Goose Gold Award" of UCAS, etc. 

Research area:

Agile chip development, heterogeneous accelerated computing, FPGA cloud, etc.

Selected papers:

[1] Ke Zhang, Yisong Chang, Mingyu Chen, Yungang Bao and Zhiwei Xu. “Computer Organization and Design Course with FPGA Cloud”. ACM SIGCSE 2019, Feb. 2019.

[2] Yisong Chang, Ke Zhang (co-first author), Sally A. McKee, Lixin Zhang, Mingyu Chen, Liqiang Ren and Zhiwei Xu. “Extending On-Chip Server Node Interconnections for Rack-Level Remote Resource Access”. IEEE ICCD 2016, Oct. 2016.

[3] Ke Zhang, Lei Yu, Yisong Chang, Ran Zhao, Hongxia Zhang, Lixin Zhang, Mingyu Chen and Sally A. McKee. “Co-DIMM: Inter-Socket Data Sharing via a Common DIMM Channel”. MEMSYS 2016, Oct. 2016.

[4] Ke Zhang, Yisong Chang, Lixin Zhang, Mingyu Chen, Lei Yu and Zhiwei Xu. “sAXI: A High-efficient Hardware Inter-node Link in ARM Server for Remote Memory Accessing”.  IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2016, May 2016.

[5] 赵然, 常轶松, 刘波, 刘超伟, 陈明宇, 张科. SoPC FPGA云平台软硬件协同交互框架[J]. 高技术通讯, 2020, 30(4): 342-347.